Dare to Be Awareness

During the Spring, we see nature radiating Spiritfs energy of renewal. The word renewal comes to us from the Latin renovationem, to restore. Isnft this a description of why we practice affirmative prayer?to restore within ourselves a conscious realization of our oneness with Spirit? The beautiful thing is that we donft have to wait for a particular season to renew our soulfs connection to Spirit; it is available to us in the now moment, with each breath that we take. May you pray often, and may each and every prayer deliver a blessing of renewal upon your life and the lives of our global family.


My life is the life of God! Deep, down, real good God! The high vibration of excellence is the starting point in all I do! I am an ambassador of the unseen making abundance visible on this planet! The impulse of divine love underscores my relationships! Turning within I live full out, sailing, soaring and totally free! My life is a hallelujah from head to toe! And so it is! Amen!

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