Don’t Be Shy – Let Your Light Shine!

Again and again may we ignite the light of Christ Consciousness within ourselves and shine it unconditionally upon all with whom we come in contact. Night and day may there be one supreme longing in our hearts: to go deeper and deeper into the ocean of Divine Love until it takes over our consciousness. Inclusive within this Love is all that is needed to bring about world peace, to end hunger, poverty, injustice, greed, and selfishness and create a world that honors the dignity of all sentient beings.


I am resolute in the absolute presence of God as my life!

All of the solutions to all of my challenges are already within me!

My beliefs and points of view shine the light of wisdom and compassion!

The evolutionary impulse that governs the universe propels the vision of my life!

Prosperity, health and right relations are my divine birthright fully expressed!

My life is a song of praise and thanksgiving! So be it! Amen!

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