Emerge & SEE

As the elements of nature begin to reveal their changes in shape and color, the very ethers seem to breathe a calmness that is conducive to slowing down, opening, listening, and receiving without motive. Contemplating this, I realized that when we give our consent to walk into the unknown, the insecure, the groundless, awakening stirs. Of course this is the egofs greatest opponent, because ego loves predictability, security, to stand on the seemingly solid ground of Me. Too bad therefs no such thing!    


Every day I begin again in the full awareness of my oneness in God! A powerful field of love connects me to my heartfs desires! A fountain of God consciousness informs and inspires me! Gratitude rises up and overflows my life! Today I free my heart, open my soul and let the God times roll! And so it is! Amen!    

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