Hardware For Bliss

Soul-adventuring has nothing to do with preconstructed maps. Exotic retreats or pilgrimages won’t get you to your soul’s destination any more than the holy trinity of Travelosity, Expedia or Kayak. Your soul-adventure is about entering the innermost recesses of your being with Spirit as your ultimate guide into the unknown. And all you need to pack is the innocence, receptivity, and vulnerability of a child. Then, like a true spiritual warrior, you will dare to leave the forest of familiarity and courageously enter the unchartered territory of an adventure in consciousness.


I am a living revelation of a loving God! Life is good!
Today I accept and reveal the gifts that are mine to give!
My life is an expression of soulful artistry and heart centered relationships!
Today I give with gusto and rejoice in receiving!
I live in full integrity with my soul call of greatness!
In all things I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

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