Incurable Optimism - Catch It

Enthusiasm is our passport to our inner search. It keeps us steadfast during those gI donft feel like ith moments. We canft be half-hearted about enlightenment?meditating, praying, visioning seven days in a row and stopping for another month. When we are sincerely enthusiastic, whether our dayfs meditation flowered into blossoms of bliss or our mind chatter overwhelmed us, we remain steadfastly unconditional in our practice.?????????????????????


I am a divine idea bursting into expression!? Whole, complete and perfect! Today I joyfully exercise my right to shine! Vibrations of greatness and enthusiasm undergird my life! Thoughts of health and wholeness revitalize my body temple! I am a creative, innovative and elevated expression of God! Abundance blesses every aspect of my life! I am grateful!? And so it is!? Amen!  

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