Mental Liberation

Without commitment to our spiritual practices, it’s easy to get seduced by self-centeredness. Daily practice of meditation, affirmative prayer, visioning and compassion move us from being self-centered to being centered in the Self. And when we are steadfast in our practices through life’s hurricanes as well as its blue skies, we remain profoundly centered in the Self; we keep our seat amidst the crash of breaking worlds and have dominion over our lives.


The essence of my Being burns bright with love, peace and joy!

I am charged with divine ideas shot from the mind of God!

My life is a blessing!  I have multiple gifts to give!

Infinite, invisible good manifests as all my needs met!

Radiant health and wholeness express as my body temple!

I am a walking, talking, living, loving expression of God`s grace!

In all things I am grateful! And so be it!  Amen!

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