On How To Live the Surrendered Life -- Hints: Intention - Practice - Levity

At times it may feel like we’re walking a high wire, attempting to maintain our balance between knowing if what we’re about to do or say is coming from our inner guidance system or from our ego. It’s so easy to use high consciousness language to convince ourselves that we’re attuned to our Higher Self. It can be quite subtle. Nevertheless, as we deepen our meditation practice, affirmative prayer, and inner reflection, we begin to discern these subtleties and become more spiritually mature. This is how we touch the gold that never stops shining and let go of the fool’s gold that the outer world would have us chase.


Today I walk in trust! Grace is my constant companion!

Opportunities and possibilities greet me everywhere I go!

Health, beauty and wholeness express fully as my body temple!

Love is the way, the means and the activity of all my relationships!

My faith is amplified; my potential activated and my prayers realized!

How great God is! How grateful I am! And so it is! Amen!

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