Remember To Remember

“The same universe that summoned Jesus and Buddha to wake up also calls your name, my name.  Our destiny is no less than theirs.  The universe has summoned you to quit playing around with the toys of this world and to begin playing with your great destiny as an awakened being.  This means each one of us has to give up the little story about who we're not and what we don't have.  And from that consciousness you will begin to develop what is called "personal success," which means that you are stabilizing your life structures.


My life is God’s life made visible!

Dynamic, harmonizing energy vitalizes my every activity!

The sacred song of peace sings through my soul!

Health, healing and wholeness are revealed through me right now!

My true nature is an expression of divine love!

God is my safety and protection, my guidance and direction!

Life is good and I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

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