The Wonder of Being Overwhelmed

Lately Ifve found myself thinking about the word gyes,h which comes from the Old English meaning gmay it be so.h Itfs a short, simple word whose full meaning and impact can easily be overlooked. And yet when we stand before Life in the full monty of yes, we are trusting the intelligence, the fundamental goodness of the Universe. Test this the next time you say yes and see how it is accompanied by an inner relaxation, an exhalation into gand so it is, and I let it be.h In the busyness of the day, even with the best of intentions, itfs sometimes challenging to repeat an entire affirmation, but a mantra of gYes!h can say it all.


I am one with the presence of God almighty! A new world is emerging in my playful, prayerful consciousness! My high intention and deep conviction propels me forward with ease by grace! The spiritual supply within me transcends any seeming limitations! Health and wholeness are my divine birthright fully expressed! Everyday I have more and more to be grateful for! And so it is! Amen

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