This Is Your Day! REJOICE!

Real thinking is inspiration. The Japanese have a word for thinking—kamkura, which means to return to the realm of God. That’s real thinking. As we begin to practice affirmative prayer, meditation, study and fellowship, the inspired thoughts of God can begin to think themselves through us. Those are affirmative, life-giving, life-enhancing, constructive, creative, beautifying thoughts. This practice allows us to get in touch with our real nature, which is life, which is the life of God, and now the thoughts that begin to emerge from that contract are life-giving and affirmative, beautifying and constructive. Our life then progresses, it evolves.


God’s divine idea for my life is etched on my soul!

Today I activate, cultivate and demonstrate the creative nature within me!

A program for permanent prosperity is installed in my consciousness!

Unconditional love is the fuel and the fire of all my relationships!

God powered insights reign supreme in my awareness!

I am happy and healthy and wholly God’s own!

Gratefully I let it be! So be it! Amen!

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