You Really Want Change? Change Your Vibrational Address!

Each of us has been designed and birthed from Spirit’s template of divine perfection. The key teaching here being that our true nature, implanted within us from Source, is perfectly divine. And while our human nature is noble and precious, it is also perfectly
imperfect. Our challenge is that we have been taught to feel unacceptable to ourselves until we live up to our own or others’ definitions of what it means to be humanly perfect. Or perhaps if we aren’t manifesting the material things in our lives that we feel represent success, we are failures. Nothing is more untrue from a spiritual point of view.


The evidence of God is everywhere in my life!

My unlimited potential meets every demand in new and expanded ways!

Wholeness is the activity of my consciousness and the natural expression of my Being!

The creative genius of the universe expresses through me! I am an artist of the soul!

This word is the law of my life lived in God!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

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