You Really Want Change? Change Your Vibrational Address!

Have you ever examined that for which you affirmatively pray? Does it include an expansion of consciousness, an increasing depth of wisdom, compassion, forgiveness of self and others, generosity, the discovery of your innate gifts? Constantly tinkering with what we believe are our human imperfections can overtake our lives. We begin fussing over teeth that television ads insist aren’t white enough, bodies that aren’t thin, muscular, or attractive enough. When we look at our world and how many of our brothers and sisters must devote most of their waking hours to daily subsistence, we can catch that having the time for meditation and prayer is a blessed, sacred luxury. Let us not waste this blessing or take it for granted!


I am one with the presence of God almighty!

A new world is emerging in my playful, prayerful consciousness!

My high intention and deep conviction propels me forward with ease by grace!

The spiritual supply within me transcends any seeming limitations!

Health and wholeness are my divine birthright fully expressed!

Everyday I have more and more to be grateful for!

And so it is! Amen!

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