Invisible Supply with Rev Coco Stewart

Did you know that God’s supply is infinite and omnipresent wherever you are!  That’s right, and no matter what you feel or what you are thinking, this is absolutely True! Infinite Supply is available all the time, and in this 5-week class, you will learn how to claim this Divine birthright shifting old beliefs, paving the way for all the Good that awaits you. 
Through our time together, we will open our hearts, and minds to become the place in consciousness for these opportunities to fulfill themselves. We will laugh, play, pray and commune in the holy spirit of conscious community and fine- tune this awareness of abundance in all areas of life!

"In Person" Registration is Now Closed due to limited seating; please feel free to join the online course.   
Course Description: Divine Supply in every area of our life is yours by right of consciousness. No matter whether it is an abundance of love, wealth, or opportunities to express our creativity, God’s supply is infinite and omnipresent wherever you are!  Deepen your expression of supply through a variety of practices including forgiveness, sharing, and tithing to name a few.  This opens the channel within us for supply to demonstrate.  Gratitude allows the principle of supply to work with grace and ease. Demonstrating supply is a demonstration of God’s presence.
*Completing this course will fulfill TWO of the Pre-Requisite requirements for those seeking to begin Practitioner Studies: credit for a Joel Goldsmith course and credit for a Prosperity course.
Pre- Requisites: None
Required Books: Invisible Supply, by Joel Goldsmith