Michael Bernard Beckwith at Rythmia, Costa Rica

Join Michael Bernard Beckwith for a week-long retreat, Make the Unknown Your Friend: Your Gifts, Your Good, and Your Blessings Are Outside of Your Present Paradigm, at Rythmia in Costa Rica, January 20-27, 2019.


In this transformational journey:

  • Explore fear phobias and how to transcend that which paralyzes us from going for our dreams
  • Understand and embrace the true mind-sets and heart-sets that create real love in our life
  • Explore the dynamic and power of courage to go beyond our present paradigm
  • Explore, heal and transcend family dynamics that hold us back from manifesting our good
  • Honor the spirit of flow, creating a condition rich with possibilities that allow for spontaneous healings, awakenings, insights and revelations!

In addition to my workshop, you can also take advantage of Rythmia's many all-inclusive health and wellness activities and amenities.


No longer be paralyzed or fearful of the unknown.  Your good awaits you! 


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