Agape International Choir  - Spirit Says To Sing - CD

Agape International Choir - Spirit Says To Sing - CD

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Music (lyrics) by Rickie Byars & Michael B. Beckwith 

Recorded live at the John Anson Ford Theatre 

July 4 & 6, 1997  -  Los Angeles

Soul-stirring, spirit-raising; and simply captivating.

The Agape International Choir under the direction of Rickie Byars 
All songs written by Beckwith and Byars for Eternal Dance Music 


Part One 
1. Everywhere I AM 
2. Spirit Says to Sing
3. I Rest In Thee 
4. You're The Best Thing
5. Labor In Vain
6. The Power of Love 
7. Make Me Stronger 
9. AgapeHouse Band Jam
10. I Walk In the Love of God 

Part Two
1. The Light Chant
2. Somethin' Turned Me Round
3. I AM The Rock
4. I Was Thinking 'Bout The Spirit
5. I'm Changed 
6. It Is Done
7. Mystic Dancer
8. The Star Spangled Banner 
9. The MountainTop
10. Had A Revelation 

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Original Release Date: 1997 
Number of Discs: 2 
Label: Eternal Dance Music, BMI