Ann Licater - Following the Call - CD

Ann Licater - Following the Call - CD

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Wood & Clay Flute Music for Meditation and Inspiration

By: Ann Licater, Flutist

Musicians Ann Licater, Gentle Thunder and Brian Todd

Ann Licater's music is soft and yet overpowering. It reaches the depth of my being and awakens the spirit inside me. Ela Gandhi

A meditative journey, these beautiful original compositions and inspired improvisations played Native-American and World flutes resonate on a deep and Soulful level. Use this CD to balance the body/mind/spirit and gain access to intuition and as a tool for personal discovery while meditating, journaling, and creating. 


1.Following the Call
2. Numinous Gateway
3.Spirit Dance
4.Ancient Echoes
5.Sacred Moon
6.Unfolding Mystery
7. Wind and Butterfly
8. Three Graces
9. Mystic Messenger
10. Dream Time
11. Initiation
12. Beloved
13. Winged Prayer
14. Emergence
15. Old Soul
16. Full Circle

Audio CD
Total Length: (Running Time) 50:53 minutes
Number of Discs: 1