Let My Soul Surrender - Book & CD

Let My Soul Surrender - Book & CD

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Every song has a story behind it. Sometimes the stories are exciting and hopeful. Sometimes they are heart wrenching and full of questions.

In Let My Soul Surrender, Rickie Byars Beckwith tells the fascinating stories behind each of the songs on her companion CD, also titled Let My Soul Surrender: Grace Notes of a Journey.  

Award winning photographers Bonnie Schiffman, Carl Studna; incredible fashion designers, House of SITA, Wilbourn Sisters; and Dudley Declaime Perkins.


1.   Let My Soul Surrender
2.   One With the One
3.   Main Line
4.   Move Mood Interlude
5.   In God’s Hands
6.   A Mighty Gift
7.   Heavenly Body
8.   About Robbie
9.   Sanctified Mabel
10. Discovery Interlude
11. Pure Agape Love
12. Prelude In the Right Way
13. Move In the Right Way
14. Interlude for Nokware
15. Let My Soul Surrender (Live Version)