The KYBALION: The Definitive Edition  (Softcover)

The KYBALION: The Definitive Edition (Softcover)

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Author: William Walker Atkinson (Writing as the Three Initiates)   

The KYBALION is one of the most mysterious and hotly debated esoteric works ever written, and without question the most popular and influential volume of arcane philosophy of the twentieth century.

Based on the ancient Eqyptian wisdom, The Kybalion has been credited only to the cryptic Three Initiates since its first appearance in 1908. Readers have long debated the identity of the Three Initiates, along with the nature of the Hermetic mystery teachings from which the book is believed to be derived.

This volume also features a previously unpublished work of the original author. 

  • Softcover: 311 pages
  • Publisher: The Penguin Group  -  Copyright: 1862-1932
  • Language: English