The Mastery of Love (Softcover)

The Mastery of Love (Softcover)

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A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship

Don Miguel Ruiz (Author)

The Mastery of Love illuminates the fear-based beliefs and assumptions that undermine love and lead to suffering and drama in our relationships. Using insightful stories to bring his message to life, Ruiz shows us how to heal our emotional wounds, recover the freedom and joy that are our birthright, and restores the spirit of playfulness that is vital to loving relationships. 

*Why demonstration and the image of perfection lead to rejection
*The war of control that slowly destroys most relationships.
*Why we hunt for love in others and how to capture the love inside 
*How to finally accept and forgive ourselves and others 

  • Softcover: 210 pages
  • Publisher: Amber-Allen Publishing San Rafael, CA. (1999)
  • Language: English