The Mood of Christmas: Other Celebrations (Softcover)

The Mood of Christmas: Other Celebrations (Softcover)

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By Howard Thurman

"There must always be remaining in every one's life some place for the singing of angels..."
In the meditations found in The Mood of Christmas, Angels sing all year long."

These brief meditations incorporate the hope, celebration, love, compassion, and blessing of the Christmas season and encourage us to find them throughout the year. Features include the poem, "The Work of Christmas",. "When the song of the angels is stilled, When the star in the sky is gone... The Work of Christmas begins...", and " I Will Light Candles This Christmas," Candles of joy, despite all sadness, Candles of hope where despair keeps watch. Candles of courage for fears ever present, Candles of peace for tempest-tossed days..."

About the Author

Founder of the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples in San Francisco---the first interracial, interdenominational church in the United States---Howard Thurman was Honorary Canon of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York City. 

Poet, mystic, philosopher, and theologian, Howard Thurman authored more than twenty books. At the time of his death in 1981, he was Dean Emeritus of Marsh Chapel, Boston University, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Howard Thurman Educational Trust in San Francisco. He also served as Dean of Rankin Chapel, Howard University, Washington D.C.; as professor at Howard University School of Religion, and as Director of Religious Life at Morehouse and Spelman College, Atlanta.

  • Softcover: 127 pages
  • Publisher: Friends United Press - Richmond, Virginia, Copyright: October 1, 1985
  • Language: English