Be Unreasonable in Your Thinking: Be Great!

We are surrounded by the unlimited nature of the Presence of God Almighty. Call it life, the great power, cosmic intelligence, divine love, the beloved or the great spirit; it is everywhere, being itself to the fullest. Its nature is to radiate, shine, and express. We are its full image and likeness and have the faculty to reveal what it is as our life. We must place ourselves in the position to accept this reality. Acceptance of this truth is based on our self-love and a deep sense of worthiness. It is awareness that there is something inherently right about us.


God created me in Its image and likeness! I am alright already!

Infinite abundance shows up as permanent prosperity in my life!

My spiritual infrastructure supports me in every way, every day!

I am a cosmic clearing house dissolving fear and lack in this global society!

My explorations in excellence reveal my life divine!

All praise and glory is to God! So be it! Amen!

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