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Agape’s Sacred Order of Practitioners

We are here to take a stand for love.

Rev. Dr. Kathleen McNamara, Director

Spiritual Mind Treatment activates the Truth about who we are as individualized expressions of the Spirit. Through practice of this scientific form of prayer, we enter an energetic vibration that anchors our awareness in our essential perfection and oneness with the I Am Presence of the Self..

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder and Spiritual Director
Agape International Spiritual Center

We are a service order dedicated to anchoring a consciousness of Truth and Wholeness in the Agape community and the world at large.

We Pray

After services
In the Prayer Ministry
Without ceasing

We Are Silent

Meditation practice
Prayer Vigil at services and events

We Counsel

Crisis Support
Individual, Couple, Group Counseling and Visioning
Individual Sessions

We Teach

By example
Inner Visions magazine for inspiration

We are professionals available for spiritual counseling sessions.

Work with a Spiritual Practitioner is similar to working with many types of therapists except that spiritual practitioners are applying spiritual principle. We begin with the idea that the client is already perfect and our work is to assist them in revealing that perfection.

More information on counseling sessions:

Practitioners of The Agape International Spiritual Center are licensed only after successful completion of 2 years of study and practice of Universal Truth Principles, and an additional 2 year Professional Practitioner Program. They must also pass both written and oral examinations to be eligible for licensure.

A counseling session with a practitioner typically lasts approximately one hour, and can take place in person or by phone. Each session begins with prayer and ends with Spiritual Mind Treatment, a scientific form of healing prayer. In this field of prayer, the practitioner assists the client in realizing the spiritual truth about their life, thus releasing false beliefs.

Practitioner sessions are a professional service, and most practitioners are flexible in their fees. While some people choose to have a weekly session with their practitioner, others make appointments as needed.

The Practitioner holds the confidence of clients sacred and inviolate. What is shared in a session is never discussed with anyone, except where the practitioner is legally bound to report specific events.

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