GlobalWorks develops and supports the international outreach programs of the Agape Universal Movement. Since 1994, GlobalWorks has supported Agape’s vision of a world without human suffering.

The GlobalWorks Vision is to:

Honor our sacred humanity.

Exemplify New Thought-Ancient Wisdom spiritual teachings in the world.

Celebrate life—the individualized expressions of God—through service, shared resources, and unconditional love.

GlobalWork Activities include:

Philanthropic Support for orphanages, feeding programs, schools, retraining programs, microloans, clinics and human advocacy. Locations range from eight African countries, to Afghanistan, Bosnia, Columbia, Ecuador, India, Iraq, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, and the U.S.

Service Opportunities for the Agape Community.

GlobalWorks Forum for networking and resources regarding humanitarian services.

Collaborations with humanitarian organizations world-wide.

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