Begin at the Beginning--It's the Only Place to Start

Societal conditioning has propagated the belief that we cannot experience our inherent freedom until we have been redeemed from our flawed or sinful state by an outside source, be it a savior or a guru taking on our karma?in other words, by our individual acceptance of dogmatic theories about how spiritual liberation is achieved. So, the first freedom is freeing ourselves from the false belief that freedom comes from beyond our individual capacity to discover its existence within ourselves.


I am a great unstoppable being here on a mission from God! The gifts of creativity are stirred into activity within me! Seeds of love grow in my heart and flower in my relationships! Power, bliss and abundance! Right here! Right now! As me! I am here to change the world for the better! Come on God! Use me! Lifted in the power of gratitude I let it be. And so it is! Amen!

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