Beyond Beyond

Are you free enough to allow the new into your consciousness or are you still living from the past conditioning that tells you what you must do in order to live in safety and security? Not reacting from the past, not reacting out of fear of the future, we learn to respond to Life just as it is. We learn the power of being in the now moment filled with self-trust, with confidence in the fundamental Goodness of the Spirit. Freedom comes from awareness, awareness comes from meditation - they are interdependent. Agape_Meditavie-Thought-04-28-2013


My whole life is a celebration of love, inspiration and transformation! Revelations of wholeness and visions of truth light my path and show the way! I am gifted beyond measure and lifted beyond limits! Today I embrace the possibility of my own greatness and live it fully! Doubts dissolve, fears flee and worries fade in the light of this awareness! I am an ambassador of good bringing blessings everywhere I go! God is great and I am grateful! And so it is! Amen   Agape_Affirmation-04-28-2013

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