Catch the Eternal Broadcast ~ Your Interest Determines Your Station

Each of us is a holographic, reflective expression of our Creator Source. And just as its essence has no label in spite of all those we endeavor to place upon it according to our understanding, we also come into this world glabel free.h What we need to cultivate is an ginner-standingh that supports us in relating to the pristineness of the Life Essence that animates, sustains, and expresses in, as and through us.? Such an inner-standing will cause us to realize that no label has ever been nor can ever be placed on our spirit?not by our parents, society, peers, or ourselves.


All of God is everywhere that I am! My relationships are shot through with divine love! Fear, doubt and worry dissolve in the light of my response ability! My supply is spiritual substance that never runs out! Today I give myself permission to be healthy, whole and beautiful! I am gratefully alive and aligned in these words of truth! And so it is!? Amen!

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