Catch the Eternal Broadcast ~ Your Interest Determines Your Station

The New Thought tradition of spirituality is a true shapeshifter.? Meeting the spiritual needs of our times through its universal principles and practices, it offers us a solid foundation upon which to base our trust that the social, political, and environmental challenges our world family is facing are calls to awakening the global heart. Emphasizing that all existence emerges from one Source, New Thought deepens our compassion, inspiring us to be of service to our brothers and sisters.? Its openhearted diversity and inclusivity lead to this simple truth:? every beingfs existence is intentional, meaningful, and is a gift to our beautiful planet.


I am rooted in the rich soil of God consciousness! The fire of my imagination ignites the divine potential within me! A perfect pattern of absolute wholeness shapes and forms my body temple! The high vibration of unconditional love supports all of my relationships! I am forever expanding, forever evolving, forever revealing God! Gratefully I live these words of truth!? And so it is!? Amen!

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