Change Your Fate Recalibrate

Most of us are certain that we have experienced some degree of love, be it with a life partner, our children, parents, siblings, friends, God, our spiritual teachers, animal companions. Although love itself is an invisible energy, it feels tangible when we feel it directed towards us and when we direct it towards others. This is love experienced as a noun, a gsomethingh labeled love. The ultimate form of love, however, is a verb. It is a state of being love itself, the essence of our true nature.


The glory of the divine speaks itself into expression as me! Only the thoughts of God have a place in my awareness! The high vibration of willingness dissolves all resistance! I am available for the plentitude of the universe to shine through me! My actions reveal beauty, order, patience and balance! Gratefully I embrace the Spirit within me and express it freely and fully! So be it! Amen.

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