Choose To Make Your Future Self Happy

In celebration of his life, our greatest Christmas gift to one another, to all those whom we love and to all sentient beings is our prayer that the unconditional love which lived in the heart of Jesus may be birthed within us. Inclusive within unconditional love is all that is needed to bring about world peace, to end hunger and poverty, to end unkindness, greed, and selfishness.


Godfs universe is a friendly place! ?I am safe! Spontaneous goodness flows from my utter reliance on Spirit! My heart extends through my hands. ?I am in service to divine love! High, inspired thoughts of God are the guiding angels on my path! I am immersed in a field of infinite possibilities and unlimited potential! Mighty miracles demonstrate through my ever-evolving consciousness! Gratefully I live these words of truth! ?And so it is! ?Amen!

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