Deep Rest

The key that unlocks the storehouse of inspiration, of your inner genius, is within you. Turn the key with meaningful inquiry, humility, and gratitude, all of which silence the ego and magnetize the divine muse to whisper into your intuitive awareness. Once you have amused the muse with your inquiry into the Self, it may softly approach you in the form of a sweet or consoling presence, or very loudly through challenging circumstances. The muse will don whatever form is necessary for awakening the genius-consciousness within each one of us.


All the good of God is always mine to receive.

Joyfully I discover, uncover and reveal my true Spiritual gifts.

Today I extend my field of gratitude and expand my awareness of God.

Opinion free living and divine right seeing are mine today.

I am healed and whole in every area of my life.

Gracefully I live these words of truth.

And So It Is! Amen!

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