Don’t Be Shy – Let Your Light Shine!

We are surrounded with an abundance of opportunities for us to share our spiritual and material bounty with others. So when we see individuals representing a church or humanitarian organization standing outside of stores collecting money to provide for others, firemen collecting gifts for children, and organizations that feed the homeless holiday meals, let us be grateful for their service and for creating an opportunity for us to express a spirit of generosity.
And above all, let us send out from our hearts a gift of prayer for the world that a collective awakening will take place, reminding us that on this round planet there are no sides, that each of us is here to birth the love that is endeavoring to express in, through and as us.


God’s universe is a friendly place! I am safe!

Spontaneous goodness flows from my utter reliance on Spirit!

My heart extends through my hands. I am in service to divine love!

High, inspired thoughts of God are the guiding angels on my path!

I am immersed in a field of infinite possibilities and unlimited potential!

Mighty miracles demonstrate through my ever-evolving consciousness!

Gratefully I live these words of truth! And so it is! Amen!

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