Emerge & SEE

In a world where old religious models are giving way to authentic spirituality, we have before us a blessed opportunity to redefine and revitalize the vision for our lives where our spiritual and social contracts are concerned. We have the opportunity to begin afresh with ourselves and in our relationships with others and our world. When we say, gNext week Ifll begin my spiritual practice,h or any other of our intensions, basically we are saying it probably wonft happen at all. That is the power of postponement. gToday I am beginning to know my essence as love itself. Today I open my awareness and meet myself face-to-face,h this is the power of being in the now moment.


Everything about me proclaims the good of God almighty! Peace by peace the beloved community is anchored through me! I live in alignment with Godfs big idea for my life! My miracle consciousness blesses everyone I meet! Divine and compelling right action orders my days and my ways! Gracefully and gratefully I let it be!? And so it is!? Amen!  

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