Emerge & SEE

"A consecrated life is not a temporary or espiritually trendyf lifestyle with high consciousness slogans printed on your tea cup or sweat shirt so that others can catch how espiritualf you are.? No.? It is the Holy Name written across your forehead in the indelible ink of intimate at-oneness with Spirit.? Just by your walking into a room, the vibration is uplifted because you entered it as a humble emissary of the Spirit carrying energies of peace, joy, intelligence, transformation, compassion, love and wholeness".


The presence of God within me makes all things possible in my life! Love, peace and joy exude from the very center of my being! Divine health and wholeness radiate as my body temple! My whole life is saturated in plentitude and gratitude! I declare, I decree and I am free! And so be it! Amen!  

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