For New Beginnings, Take Back Your Mind!

As we enter the portal of the New Year, let us hold sacred our soulfs romance with the Infinite, which makes possible every delight we know in our life.? What is vitally important in our personal spiritual practice is that we become mindful that the fulfillment of our intentions is already contained within the fabric of who and what we are spiritually.? How sweet that we have been given that capacity.? The main point is that we use it!


Gratefully I step into this New Year awake, aware and authentically me! The love of God operates through my open, happy heart! I am a master of divine substance creating wealth wherever I go! Made in the image and likeness of God; I am whole, healthy and complete! The conditions are perfect for the miracle of me to express! My high resolve and clear intention make this the best year of my life! So be it!? Amen

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