Frequent Your Highest Frequency

Authentic transformation has to do with the unfoldment of the Essential Self, and each of us is mandated to awaken the Self according to our own unique pattern of unfoldment. As this pattern unfolds through our spiritual practices, the sanity we are born with begins to express in our everyday activities. Now, your unique pattern of unfoldment isnft something preset in concrete. This pattern is the transformative energy within you which must be activated and customed-contoured according to your inner intuitive guidance. Attuning to this power requires surrender. Surrender requires patience, readiness, an intentionality wherein you say to yourself, gI am on the threshold of a new state of consciousness and I surrender to every step of its unfoldment.h July-21-mt


I am one with the presence of God almighty! A new world is emerging in my playful, prayerful consciousness! My high intention and deep conviction propels me forward with ease by grace! The spiritual supply within me transcends any seeming limitations! Health and wholeness are my divine birthright fully expressed! Everyday I have more and more to be grateful for! And so be it! Amen! July-21-a      

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