From Anticipation To Full Participation

In India, Persia, and the Yoruba culture of Nigeria, “Baba” is a term of respect used for a father or wise man. What affectionate energy the word Baba emits, reminding us of the cosmic fatherhood principle as Source, Protector, Upholder. How comforting it is to know that although Baba’s love would prefer to prevent us from erring or being hurt, its wisdom allows us find our own way so that we may grow and evolve.

Let us meditate upon Baba’s qualities of love and wisdom until we can feel them flowing in our own hearts. Let us express them towards our children and all who cross our path.


I have a direct line to the Divine Presence! I am hooked up with God!

The angel of my eternal progression is always cheering me on!

Every aspect of my being is overflowing with divine energy!

I am healthy inside and out!

The wisdom of the eternal Father is my constant companion!

Gratitude is my attitude of choice and the activity of my consciousness!

And so be it! Amen!

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