From Enthrallment to Involvement to Evolvement

It is said that the Cosmic Mother keeps written in her heart every prayer you have ever whispered from your secret soul into the universe. This utterly tender aspect of Spirit's mothering energy is always available to those who turn to it with the trusting abandon of a child to its mother. I like to think of the mothering energy of Spirit as another name for Unconditional Love. Independent of giving physical birth to a child, we all possess the qualities of a mother's heart which, just as does the Cosmic Mother, nurtures every form of relationship?life partner, child, friend, student, neighbor, colleague, animal companions, those in need including complete strangers?with the compassion, the grace, the tenderness of a motherfs heart. We can all bend a knee of gratitude before the unconditional mothering energy of Spirit.


The Great Cosmic Mother Divine inspires unconditional love in my life! Spontaneous goodness rises up in me and expresses through me! Infinite wisdom informs my choices and decisions! A constant, consistent stream of abundance is my source and supply! Heaven is anchored on earth through my thoughts words and actions! The divine feminine essence of God reveals its grace as me today and always! Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

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