From Improvement to Unfoldment:? Your Personal Revelation

My prayer for you, myself, and all beings in this New Year is that through the metaphysical telescope of consciousness we glimpse the reality of our being.? Each of us is made out of Spiritfs matrix of consciousness, and our individual consciousness is the ground of our existence out of which the convictions of our hearts, values, insights, awakenings and actions emerge.? As we embody this truth and put it into action, we empower ourselves and the collective consciousness to create a mansion of global friendship, interdependence, compassion, peace, creativity, and happiness.? Never underestimate your vital contribution to this purest manifestation of the meaning of wealth.


I am resolute in the absolute presence of God as my life! The gifts of divinity are mine! Freely given and fully received! Vital, vibrant and radiant health express as my body, mind and soul! True abundance flows from the well of my God consciousness! Right relations are my divine birthright fully and joyfully expressed! In deep gratitude and high appreciation I let it be! And so it is!? Amen!

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