From Out Of Sight To Insight

So here we are in what is traditionally a month dedicated to recognizing and celebrating love. Despite the human tendency towards the commercialism of our celebratory events throughout the year, this in no way obliterates the beautiful opportunity we have to use this occasion for opening our hearts to love in all of its forms. Every aspect of love is an expression of Spiritfs love for each one of us that we are blessed to personally share with our loved ones and radiate out into the larger world. I send you a hearty serving of my own, along with a prayer that as you stand before the altar of love your communion with its Source fills your heart to overflowing.


Standing in my authentic wholeness, I deliver the gifts of God within me! I have joy to give, love to live and peace to reveal! Abundance expresses in me, through me and as me! I am a center of creativity and a fountain of divine ideas! My wonder filled life is saturated with plenitude and gratitude! Whole, complete and perfect! Thatfs me! And so it is!? Amen!

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