From Worldly Diagnosis To Spiritual Prognosis

More than ever before, begin to feel that you have a purpose and a reason and a right to be on this planet at this time.? Begin to say wonderful things to yourself.? Begin to look beyond any appearance and see that there is something about you that is Divine.? You will come to know that regardless of past experiences, seeming mistakes or fear that has lead to procrastination, when you begin to release the energy of Divine Love for yourself, that perfect pattern that is hid with Christ in God within your soul will begin to show its face in all that you think, say and do.  



I have a direct line to the Divine Presence! I am hooked up with God! The angel of my eternal progression is always cheering me on! Every aspect of my being is overflowing with divine energy! I am healthy inside and out! The wisdom of the eternal Father is my constant companion! Gratitude is my attitude of choice and the activity of my consciousness! And so be it! Amen! June-30-a    

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