Go Big and Go Home.

The mystical magnetism of Agape Love ceaselessly courts us, drawing us into its magnetic field through the various forms of human love we experience with parents, siblings, lovers, spouses and partners, our children and friends, leading us to Lovefs Source:? Pure Spirit.? The moment we surrender to its gravitational pull, we are transfigured.?? Love is the ultimate religion.? When tasting its flavour, we enter the realm of mystical lovers. We become Love, allowing it to flow in, as, and through us.? Such joy!? Such bliss!


My life is backed by a mighty wave of God consciousness! Excellence is seeking to express through me! I let it! High thoughts of health and wholeness manifest as my body temple! My relationships reveal a joint participation with divine love! The bright sunshine of my own being lights my path and shows my way! Gratefully I let it be!? And so it is!? Amen!

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