Growing From Role To Soul

The resurrection of the great master teacher, Jesus the Christ, revealed that consciousness does not know death. That is why on a daily basis we can rise in consciousness to a resurrected life, a life transformed in body, mind, and spirit. Our spiritual practices of meditation, affirmative prayer, and life visioning saturate our consciousness with the stuff out of which we were made—cosmic energy—and this energy can be consciously directed.
In this holy season I invite you to respond to the Divine Love knocking at the door of your heart urging you to resurrect your true nature and recharge yourself with the joy of your own eternal being.


I let the expanded nature of God take over my life!

The vibration of creation expresses through my hands, my heart and my mind!

The language of love speaks through all my conversations!

I am rock solid in the awareness and demonstration of true abundance!

My gratitude opens doors and activates unlimited opportunities!

This moment is a new beginning for my life! And so it is! Amen!

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