Growing From Role To Soul

The call to our collective heart and soul is this:  to let go of reactive habit patterns and ground ourselves in trusting the fundamental goodness of the universe, the same goodness that lives within each one of us. Then, if our heart feels called to protest injustice, let it begin with prayer. If our mind feels called to take action by signing
petitions, to marching in support of our world family, let us do that also, beginning with prayer. Prayer detoxes the heart of worry, fear, anxiety, and restores equanimity, leading to wisdom-guided, impactful action. It is prayer that speaks most meaningfully and clearly to the dilemmas and questions with which our world family is now dealing.


I am a shining example of the power and presence of God!

My gratitude awakens greater and greater good in my life!

Love is the activity of my consciousness, the natural expression of my Being!

The body of my affairs reveals and reflects the order of the universe!

A vision of health and wholeness takes shape as my body temple!

Joyfully I live these words of truth! So be it! Amen!

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