History in the Making: Participant or Bystander?

Would it surprise you to learn that optimism is not a synonym for positivity, nor an opposite of negativity?  Optimism transcends both.  The etymology of optimism is from the Latin, optimum, meaning that the present moment is in an optimum state.  Being optimistic ultimately means that an individual expects the best possible outcome from any situation. Such a person's mindset and heart-set responds to whatever arises in the moment—uplifting or challenging—knowing that within it is a grace, an opportunity for their soul's evolutionary progress.  Have you caught it yet?


My life is an adventure in surrender; a journey of the Sacred Yes!

Love, peace and joy are the guideposts on my path!

Optimal health and absolute wholeness are my divine birthright fully expressed!

My relationships are joint participations in the good of God!

Infinite possibilities within me express as all needs met!

Gratefully I live these words of truth! So be it! Amen!

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