In The Beginning: You Get To Choose

Divine Love is the energy that birthed your being. It is the life force that beats your heart, walks through your feet, works through your hands, breathes through your breath, creates and expresses through you. Even in the darkest moments when you can’t feel Love anywhere within or around you, it is right where you are, holding you in its tender embrace, its grace. And just like Love, all the other qualities that are included in your birthright, no person, thing, or circumstance can
take from you.


My life is lived in ecstatic union with the Divine!

I am inspired by creative ideas spinning from the mind of God!

The organizing principle of this universe handles the details of my life with grace and ease!

My heart is an open door giving and receiving love!

God creates in perfect patterns and I reveal them in body, mind and Spirit!

Life affirming thoughts and mind-expanding insights light my way every day!

Gratitude flows like a mighty river through my soul!

And so it is! And so I let it be! Amen!

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