In The Beginning: You Get To Choose

Each of us is made out of Spirit’s matrix of consciousness, and our individual consciousness is the ground of our existence out of which the convictions of our hearts, values, insights, awakenings and actions emerge. As we embody this truth and put it into action, we empower ourselves and the collective consciousness to create a mansion of global friendship, interdependence, compassion, peace, creativity, and happiness. Never underestimate your vital contribution to this purest manifestation of the meaning of wealth. 


Out of the Isness of God flows the allness of my life!

My gifts of divinity are stirred into right action right now!

All of my relationships are encoded with love and infused with joy!

I am the perfect conduit for infinite possibilities to express!

God is the instant and constant presence of abundance in my life!

Willingly, joyfully, gratefully, I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

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