Intention = Stagnation Prevention

I greet you today by your true name: Love. This love lives at the center of your being, waiting to be downloaded into all aspects of your life and expressed through you. Love is your password into the depths of Life and all that you have taken birth to fulfill as you deliver your gifts, talents and skills on our beautiful planet, as you committedly participate in your practices of spiritual awakening. 


Today I am shaken awake to the brilliance of my own being! I reveal it fully!

The universe is prosperous, progressive and on my side! I am Abundance!

Divine love lives at the center of my being! I shine!

A deep sense of empowerment flows from my oneness with God! I am charged!

The high vibration of health and wholeness expresses as my body temple! I am

In all things I am grateful! I am free!

And so it is! Amen!

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