When we take the time to daily pray and meditate, our concept of self expands beyond the narrow confines of ego. We realize that we are unlimited, that our mind is omnipresent, that our consciousness is omniscient. Event if it appears to require an omnipotent effort to arrive at enlightenment, is it not worth it to become forever free from any sense of separation from our Source? There is no greater joy. Meditation for week of Febriary 24


Say these aloud! God is the omni activity of my life! I sit, I stand in truth and I rise in wholeness! All the good of God comes forth from the center of my being! Love is my life's work and I embrace it fully! My body temple takes on the shape of spiritual beauty and absolute wholeness! I am an ambassador for peace and a world that works for everyone! I believe, I receive and I am grateful! And so it is! Amen! Affirmation Febrary 24

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