Invite The Great Disturbance

So many individuals are trying to change their lives by changing others, or they try to change their experience while they themselves remain the same.? But when you step into the awareness that you are here to embrace your evolutionary awakening,? you become spiritual nobility.? You are the king and queen ruling your world with dignity, peace, love, compassion, forgiveness, wisdom, gratitude, surrender and humility.  


My life is lived in full participation with the Infinite! All my relationships match the high vibration of unconditional love! Real and meaningful changes take place in the field of my willingness! Perfect health is my conversation, my affirmation and my demonstration! I allow the good of God to come to me and flow through me! Vision, infinite potential and unlimited possibilities are the fuels that drive my life! Gratefully I live these words of truth!? And so it is!? Amen!  

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