Limitless Living: The Only Way To Fly

You have a soul-adventure that was implanted in your consciousness
before you incarnated into this lifetime. Gently, and sometimes not so
gently, it knocks at the door of your intuition attempting to get your
attention, beckoning you to fulfill your soul-adventure in the three-
dimensional world. It is through our spiritual practices that we
intuitively catch Spirit’s vision of that adventure. Then, like a time
release capsule, it begins to take effect.


I am available to be a rich and mighty blessing on this planet!

The universal law of cosmic good is always working in my life!

The idea that God planted in my soul is emerging with grace and ease!

I choose to reveal the highest and best within me no matter what!

Excellence breaks through into every sphere of my existence!

These words of affirmation are grounded in truth and founded in

And so it is! Amen!

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